Piet Stewart’s Forex Income Map is a great program that can help almost any trader but some people want more Forex Strategies.  Close to two trillion dollars are traded in the Forex markets every day making it a lucrative business that can be done on full-time or part-time basis. The money market is however subjected to unpredictable factors brought about by government policies and market psychology involving profit and loss speculative tendencies. This makes Forex trading tips necessary for investors looking for new and efficient strategies that can enable them to successfully navigate the world’s biggest financial market.

Understand the Markets, Formulate Strategies and Manage Risks

Understanding factors affecting the currency market is important in making savvy investment decisions about momentum trading. This makes it possible for you to choose a stronger pair. For example, trading the US Dollar against the Japanese Yen is deemed by most investors as a weak and non profitable Forex trade option for 2012. This can be established by looking at the Average True Range (ATR) indicator that shows the Yen at 430 points shortly before the start of 2009. The Japanese currency currently swings in the range of 117 points and below with one of the recent contributing factors to the Yen’s downward trend being the March 2011 earthquake that brought about a $309billion damage.

Formulating a strategy is another one of Forex trading tips that is a crucial success recipe in the trade. You can choose to develop your plan based on the momentum or value trade strategies. The momentum plan involves buying currencies that are rising in value while selling those whose values are going down. The value trade strategy on the other hand deals with the purchase of currencies with the strongest rate and influence in the money market.

As a beginner, manage risks by learning the art of Forex trade using a demo account. Once you have started on the real-time trading using real money, establish the amount of money you are willing to trade at any given time. However, Forex risk mitigating measures such as limit orders should be deployed the minute things get out of control to allow losses sprees caused by factors such as market volatility to pass without damaging your investment portfolio.

Be a True Player, Research and Control Your Emotions

Successful Forex traders know the value of accepting a loss. This keeps them focused on their long term goal and helps in creating an innovative and winning long term plan. Keep in mind that Forex trade is not a gateway to quick riches, thus, one loss does not mean you are out. Courage and the will to succeed are significant traits of a true Forex UK trader.

Makes decisions based on actual and solid money markets facts. Research on long term benefits of the pair of currencies you intend to trade and listen to expert opinion. Global billionaires such as Warren Buffet insist on making investment decisions in stocks and Forex trade by going against the order of the day. Do not sell or buy because everyone is doing so.

Avoid making decisions when mad or in an unstable emotional situation. This can lead to major mistakes and total loss of your investment portfolio. Forex trading tips involving emotional control is an important tool that should be incorporated in the trade at highest possible standards.


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