The last topic in our stock market tutorial was the Tailwind Sweet Spot, where we discussed the last two fundamental components of its formula: day and filter/s. Today, our lesson revolves around how to actually find great, money-making Tailwind stocks so you can start making some money.

Hopefully, the money will flow in the long term because at the core of the Tailwind Trading System are company stocks that have been carefully chosen for inclusion in Standard & Poor’s (S&P) indices.

Finding Tailwind Stocks

If you have been following our last few posts (right from the introduction), you probably are already aware of S&P’s secret (yet public) research on the best companies for S&P indices. It is a good thing that the result of their top secret research techniques is revealed to the public.

Mark your organizers: S&P releases these public announcements during the week, always after 5:15 in the afternoon (take note, this is in Eastern Time).

Finding the Tailwind stocks involves a two-step research process:Find the public announcements from S&P’s that detail changes to the various indexes.

Go through these announcements carefully and begin identifying the Tailwind stocks.

Now that you know the two-step process, it is time to go through the details.

A visit to Standard & Poor’s

Open your Internet browser and type in When the home page of S&P’s has already loaded, move your eyes to the center of the web page and locate the heading titled Index Resources.

After locating the header Index Resources, click on the link “Announcements.” When the new web page opens, head over to the section of the page where the heading “Indices News” is located. Congratulations, you have completed the first part of the research process (finding S&P’s public announcements).Sorting through S&P news and announcements

After navigating to the Announcements section, the first few items you will see there will be the most recent announcements made by S&P’s.

Now, in case that the news items in this web page is arranged based on the title (alphabetical order), you can just find the command link for “Date” and click on that so you can view the most recent announcements. The “Date” command is nifty; you can sort the news items in either an ascending order or a descending order.Q: What exactly am I looking for?A: Changes to the indices from S&P’s?Q: Okay, I’m looking for indices. What specific indices?A: There are three important S&P indices: 500 Index, MidCap 400 Index, and SmallCap 600 Index.

If you see any announcements with titles about changes to the indices we are talking about, click on those and start reading. Apart from the keyword “changes,” you also would want to check out items that have the keyword “added.” Other variations exist, just keep your eyes peeled for them.

Assuming that you do find one item that fits our bill, click that news item (open a new tabbed window to make things easier). According to S&P’s, these news announcements are posted in their website after 5:15 PM everyday (remember, Eastern Time!).Q: How often should I check out S&P’s website?A: The frequency of your stock research is up to you. You can definitely check out the website every evening before you sleep, or you can do it once every month if you are really busy.

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